14th August Text Messages-Independence day text Messages 2017

14th August SMS, Text Messages

14th August SMS, Independence Messages, 14 August SMS for Pakistan Independence Day and 15 August SMS for Indian Independence Day. Try not to delay/neglect to send Urdu/Hindi freedom day SMS, Independence SMS, 2017 Independence day SMS, Independence day messages, glad Independence day SMS. Jashan-e-Azadi Messages 2017

Pakistan Independence day SMS on Independence day, SMS for Independence day, Independence day mgs, upbeat Independence day Text send it to your companions/family.

happy independence day 2017 pakistan

14th August SMS

I have someting for u.

Close ur eyes:








U didn’t close ur eyes.

So nothing 4 u Exept

My earnestness my affection and supplications

Cheerful Independence Day

– – –

Wishing You A Wonderful

Super – Zabardast

Xtra-Badiya – Xtra Special

Ekdum Mast n Happy

Bole To Ekdum Jhakaas

*Happy Independence Day*

– – –

Do you know what Pakistan implies?

No?? alright let me let you know









Upbeat Independence Day

14th August SMS 2017

Your legitimacy for taking a

shower terminates on this fourteenth August.

Sympathetically revive the legitimacy by

scrubbing down to maintain a strategic distance from, khujli,

dandruff, maeil, and badbooo

So wish you an “Upbeat INDEPENDENCE DAY”

– – –

Thousands set out their lives so

that our nation is breathing this day

Always remember their give up…

Cheerful Independence Day

pakistan independence day quotes in english

Jashan-e-Azadi Text Messages

Autonomy Day is a

great time to look at

our identity and how we arrived.


– – –

Other may have overlooked,

Be that as it may, never would i be able to,

The Flag of my nation

Rolls high,

Cheerful Independence Day

31 States,

1618 Languages,

6400 Castes,

6 Religion,

6 Ethnic Groups,

29 Major celebrations

and 1 Country!

Be Proud to be an Indian!..

Cheerful Independence Day

independence day messages in english

On Independence Day

Here’s wising our fantasies of another

tomorrow materialize for us…

Presently AND ALWAYS!

– – –

Today we are miles separated

be that as it may, I wanna reach over the miles

what’s more, say i’m considering you

in an extremely unique manner.


14th August Text Messages

Freedom a Precious endowment of God.

May We Always Remain Independent Ameen.

A Very Happy Independence Day To You.

– – –

Upbeat B’DAY.

Goodness, Happy NATIONAL Day.

Goodness i overlook, Happy ANNIVERSARY.

No i Was Wrong. Upbeat VICTORY DAY.

Goodness my god Happy NEW Year.

Goodness poop Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY.

– – –

I am infatuated,

I am enthusiastic about him,

I adoring each snapshot of it


why not its her 63rd Birth Day.

Its apna Pakistan.


14th August 2017 SMS

14th August 2017 SMS

Our life is loaded with Colors

I trust this fourteenth August will

add more hues to your life

Upbeat Independence Day

– – –

Some Like Sunday,

Some like Monday,

Be that as it may, i like One Day

What’s more, that is Independence Day

– – –

They Join turns in Hands,

Overcome Pakistanis all!

By joining we stand

by separating we fall,

Jashne Azadi Mubarak.

Allah Bless our nation.

– – –

“No country is great,

it should be made great”




Upbeat Independence day.

– – –







14 August Mubarak!

Wear jub chahta hai

14 AUG manata hai…!!!

14th August SMS, Text Messages

happy independence day 2017 pakistan

Give us a chance to celebrate and appreciate the opportunity

to live autonomously in our nation

merrily, supportively, ideally, calmly

by recalling our national saints

who gave us opportunity

in the wake of torment years of agony and embarrassment.

Upbeat Independence Day

14th August Messages 2017

Bubbli got caugt on date

on Independance day


Major Rohail-

What is this?



Father today is flexibility day,

so let me do what I need

– – –

A Nation Was Searching For A Piece Of Land. . .


A Piece Of Land Searching For A Nation. . .

Will Any One Help..??

((*-._ Happy Independence Day _.- *))

=- – ..__..- =-._.

!=- – ..__..- =-._;

!=- – ..(*..- =_;

!=- – ..__..- =-._;




How about we Take Decision

To Value Our Nation

Won’t Forget Those Sacrifices,

Who Gave Us Freedom

Presently Its Our Turn

To Have A Reformation.

Glad InDePeNdEnCe DaY tO aLl (:

Lets Celebrate Dis Day.

D Day Dat Gave Us D Freedom Of Thought, Action, Faith n Speech

– – –

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