15 August Freedom Poems 2017

15 August Freedom Poems 2017

So it is commended everywhere throughout the India as a National occasion. Here you’ll get Indian Patriotic Poems on Independence Day, Inspirational 15 August Poems, I Love My India Poetry, Short Independence Day Poems for Kids and Children and so on. Upbeat Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day Poems in English

1) Patriotic Poem on I adore My Nation

With Himalayas in the north

Indian sea in the south

Bedouin ocean in the west

Inlet of Bengal in the east.

I cherish my country

With created culture

Also, excellent figure

The general population have no rest

To do their work best.

I cherish my country

They give us rice in proportion

They dress in most recent form

They do numerous innovations

Which are about fiction.

I adore my country

With number of slope station

Which are God’s creation

It give us assurance

What’s more, spare us from pressure.


2) Indian Independence Day Poems in English

Today is a period for firecrackers and fun

In any case, we shouldn’t overlook its reason.

This is a standout amongst the most imperative days

Of the whole summer season.

The present the day our country turned out to be free

What’s more, the date of the nation’s introduction to the world.

For such a large number of years we have become

A standout amongst other nations on earth.


3) Short Independence Day Poem for Kids

A delicate, dark colored cleaned, hard human,

With sack on head, twisted back, he ran!

The Indian was anguishing!

Tho’ individuals continue sermonizing!

Fifty years after Independence!

What great was accomplished for the regular man?


4) Short Poem on India

Our’s is a place that is known for sages,

Known for grit for a long time.

None can with it contend,

Its way of life none can beat.

Whatever station or religion,

All live here as one.

With streams, sweet wellsprings,

it’s a place where there is high mountains.

Its green woods are beautiful,

What’s more, are wellspring of thriving.

How about we for it buckle down,

For its wellbeing, be wary.


5) Indian Independence Day Poetry in English

Superior to Heaven or Arcadia

I cherish thee, O my India!

Also, thy adore I might give

To each sibling country that lives.

God made the Earth;

Man made keeping nations

Furthermore, their favor solidified limits.

Be that as it may, with unfound unlimited love

I observe the borderland of my India

Venturing into the World.

Hail, mother of religions, lotus, beautiful magnificence,

Also, sages!

Thy wide entryways are open,

Respecting God’s actual children through all ages.

Where Ganges, woods, Himalayan caverns, and

Men dream God –

I am sacrosanct; my body touched that grass


6) Short 15 August Poems for Children

Not where the musk of satisfaction blows,

Not where haziness and fears never tread;

Not in the homes of interminable grins,

Nor in the paradise of a place that is known for success

Would I be conceived

On the off chance that I should put on mortal attire again…


7) Beautiful Poem about India, My India

India, my India, where first human eyes arose to radiant light!

All Asia’s blessed place of journey, awesome Motherland of might!

World-mother, first supplier to mankind of reasoning and sacrosanct legend,

Learning thou gav’st to man, God-adore, works, workmanship, religion’s opened entryway.

O even with all that loftiness predominated or swung to severe misfortune and mangle,

In what manner should we grieve who are thy kids and can vaunt thy powerful name?

Before us still there drifts the perfect of those awesome days of gold;

Another world in our vision wakes, Love’s India we might ascend to shape.

India, my India, who set out call thee a thing for pity’s beauty today?

Mother of astuteness, love, works, medical attendant of the soul’s internal beam!

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