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Independence Day poems 15 August 2017 Poems In English. Independence Day india Poetry. independence day poems. 15 august greetings

Our’s is a place where there is sages, Known for grit for a long time

None can with it contend Its way of life none can beat

Whatever standing or religion

All live here as one

With streams, sweet wellsprings,

it’s a place where there is high mountains.

Its green woods are beautiful

What’s more, are wellspring of flourishing

We should for it buckle down,

For its wellbeing, be wary.

With Himalayas in the north

Indian sea in the south Arabian ocean in the west

Narrows of Bengal in the east.I cherish my country

With created culture And lovely figure

The general population have no rest To do their work best.

I cherish my country

They give us rice in proportion They dress in most recent form

They do numerous developments Which are about fiction

I adore my country With number of slope station Which are God’s creation

It give us insurance And spare us from strain

Not where the musk of joy blows,

Not where dimness and fears never tread

Not in the homes of interminable grins

Nor in the paradise of a place that is known for thriving Would I be conceived

On the off chance that I should put on mortal clothing afresh!

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Most recent Hindi Shayari Collection For Independence Day #15 August 2017

Opportunity is a biggest achievement for all, in case you genuinely value your country, by then you know particularly well this. Send vast Swatantrata Diwas Messages to your colleagues to make this day truly cheerful. We assembles an extensive variety of best sms, shayaries to wish your friends and family. So acknowledge with these all latest and new Independence Day Hindi sms, shayaries on this fifteenth August Day.

Most recent Hindi Shayari Collection For Independence Day #15 August 2017

Most recent Hindi Shayari Collection For Independence Day #15 August 2017

Halki si dhoop barsat k baad,

thori si khushi her baat k baad,

Isi tarah mubarak ho aap ko,

Jashan-e-azadi 4 racket k terrible

Wish u an extremely happy Independence Day

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