15 August Top 10 Status 2017

15 August Top 10 Status 2017

This is the inclination and the solidness which we feel towards our national song of praise of our own nation. What’s more, each time of this day we are been in incredible idea about how to praise the colossal day in an exceptionally moral and an extremely religious route the nation over. So to give you such an extraordinary and commendable most thoughts for the festival of Independence Day 2017.

15 August Top Wallpapers

This country will remain the place that is known for the free just inasmuch as it is the home of the overcome. Glad Independence Day


Take the future in ur hands

see it resting in ur palms

it’s not to late to stand firm

You’ll be sad when it’s no more

Upbeat Independence Day !


Freedom is the breath of life to countries..


Na maro sanam bewafa ke leeye,

Do gaz jameen nhi milegi dafan sharpen k liye,

Marna hain toh maro vatan ke liye,

Hasina b duppta utar degi tere kafan ke liye.


Today we are miles separated

be that as it may, I wanna reach over the miles

also, say I’m considering you

in an exceptionally uncommon manner



Lets celebrate and solute the respectable purpose,

Its our country which is sparkling as it seemed to be,

Its Independence Day Today..

Keep in mind the effort,make it development of mass !


The Free Man Is He Who Does Not

Dread To Go The End Of His Thought.

Upbeat iNdEpEnDeNcE dAY..


Other may have forgotten,But never can I,

The Flag of my country,Furls high,

Cheerful Independence day..


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Jhanda lehrana hai,

Vande Mataram ke geet gana hai!

Sunakr desh ko lalkarna hai,

Aao milkar stomach muscle swapn dekha jo sakar karna hai!


Give each nationalist a chance to be regarded;

Try not to give legislative issues a chance to act as a burden.

Without them, opportunity would have passed on;

What they did, we can’t reimburse.

Glad Independence Day


The Yearly Ritual Of Taking

Shower Expired On fifteenth August.

May You Give Independence

To All The Bacteria’s

Parasites And Dirt That You

Host On Your Body.


Minded With Care,

Covered With Pride,

Plunged In Love ,Fly In Glory,

Snapshots Of Freedom ,

In Shade Of Joy.

Pleased To Be An Indian !


Lets Revere The Great

Saints Who Make Us

Appreciate The Freedom

By Sacrificing Their Lives.

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