Best 40+ 15th August SMS – 15 August Top Messages 2017

Best 40+ 15th August SMS – 15 August Top Messages 2017

Celebrate 15th August day with best welcome and wishes. Here our team of , gives charming lovely happy independence day English sms, messages, wishes, quotes and welcome in English. Offer best Independence day quotes and truisms on facebook, twitter, instagram or some other. You may likewise like this Independence Day Hindi messages. A portion of the Best 15th August SMS/Messages 2017.

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15th August SMS


“Give Us A chance to implore Today For All The Brave Fighters Who Lost Their Lives,

Battling For A Better Future For Us. Happy Independence Day!”


Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians,

All Come Together To Share Vibrance,

This Day Takes Us out Of Hatred’s Burdens,

As We Together Celebrate Our Independence!


Freedom Was Not Gifted To Us,

It Was Snatched By an Unstoppable Fight,

Contenders Painted With Blood on Their Life’s Canvas,

Still They Never Turned Back With Fright!


We as a whole Belong To the Blood of Freedom Fighters,

Stand United To Remember Them Today,

For Every Violence, They Quietly Gave Answers,

Keep in mind Then On This Independence Day!


Take At Least a Minute Today,

To Stand and Sing the National Anthem,

For Independence Was Molded Like Soft Clay

Path before the Creation of Our Emblem!

Happy Independence Day!


Dunk Yourself in the Color of Your Flag,

Recall the Stories of Silence and Violence,

Hear Something New from Grandpa’s Memory Bag,

What’s more, Drown In The Fights Of Independence!


This Day Makes Us Smile and Frown,

For it’s The Day of Loudness and Silence,

They Died by Giving Us Freedom’s Crown,

What’s more, Did Not Even Enjoy The Feeling Of Independence…


On Independence Day.

Here I am wishing,

“Our fantasies of another tomorrow work out as expected,

For us… Now and Always!”

Happy 15th August


Lets take choice,

To esteem our country,

Should not overlook those penances

Who gave us the freedom..

Presently it’s our turn

To have a renewal…

Happy Independence Day!


Thousands set out their lives so

That our nation is breathing this day

Always remember their give up…

Happy Independence Day!


The Love of My Nation Is Worthiness

The Love of My People Is Endless

All What I Need for My Country Is Happiness

Give Me A chance to be the First One To

Wish You a Happy Independence Day!


We should Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a

Human rights Culture in which

Regard, respect and uniformity

Turn into a code for living.

This will be our part to

Satisfy the fantasies of 1947!


Give us a chance to celebrate and appreciate the freedom to live

Freely in our nation merrily,

Supportively, Hopefully, Peacefully by recalling

Our National Heroes who gave us Freedom subsequent to anguish torment and embarrassment.

A Proud Indian!

{HaPpY InDePeNdEnCe DaY}







It is the ideal opportunity for you to demonstrate your independence. Give yourself a chance to be heard

So don’t tail others strides. Act naturally fly free I mean you are

Autonomous all things considered.


Wishing You a Wonderful

Super – Zabardast

Xtra-Badiya – Xtra Special

Ekdum Mast n Happy

Bole to Ekdum Jhakaas

Happy Independence Day!!!


Today we are miles separated

Be that as it may, I wanna reach over the miles

Also, say I am considering you

In an exceptionally extraordinary manner

Happy Independence Day


We live in an interesting country,

Where pizza achieves home speedier at that point

The rescue vehicle or police!

Ha… haaa


Stand firm against abhorrent, debasement and fear based oppression

4 v have a place 2 India, a country of pride

and v will hence say-“HINDU, MUSLIM, SIKH, ISAI,


God favor you.

Jai rear!!!


We the young of India should vow that till our final gasp

We will battle psychological warfare; v will secure our mom INDIA with all we have

– JAI HIND!! Happy Independence Day


Work like a Gujarati;

Eat like a Rajasthani;

Sing like a Bengali;

Move like a Punjabi;

Grin like a Kashmiri;

Live like a Goan;

What’s more, dependably treasure being an Indian!



Freedom in the Mind,

Confidence in D words

Pride in our Souls

How about we salute D Nation our Independence Day!

Vande Mataram!


We Have Been Together For So Long

What’s more, Tested All the Good and the Bad of This Nation

Deficiencies Are There

In any case, All What We Have To Say Is

“Much obliged to You Lord during the current Day Again”

What’s more, Let Life Move On.


Not at all like The Sights and Smells

Of Barbecue on the Grill,

The Fireworks Glowing Into the Night Sky,

What’s more, Indian Flags Waving Everywhere In The Wind.

Have A Happy Independence Day Everyone.

How about we Enjoy The Wonderful Weather.


To All of You Who Love Freedom and Barbecue,

Have A Happy Independence Day!

How about we Enjoy the Spectacular Display of Fireworks

Set To The Sound Of Music.

What’s more, Remember,

This Is A Day We As A Nation Declared Ourselves Free.


“Touch The Ground And Feel The Freedom.

There Is Nothing Better Than Being Free.

Happy Independence Day!”


Nothing Is Good similar to Living Harmoniously in a Country like This,

A Country Whereby Racism Is a Thing Of The Past

As You Enjoy a Happy Independence Day,

Give Us A chance to have Equality to All Humans

As We Are All From One Descendant

For This Shall Always Uplift

The Name of Our Country


The God of All Creation, Bless Our Land and Nation

Give Justice A chance to be Our Shield and Defender

May Unity, Peace and Liberty

Bounty Be Found Within Our Boarder

Countries Forever and Ever More!

Happy Independence Day!


Give Us A chance to sing Thank You Lord!

For This Memorable Day

Despite the fact that It Was Really Hard To Achieve Such A Day

All What We Heard Never Went Astray

As We Never Got Tired To Struggle during the current Day

Happy Independence Day


Gives Us A chance to observe Hopefully,

Gently, Helpfully and Cheerfully,

By Appreciating Our National Heroes

These Heroes Gave Us Freedom

Through Suffering Pain and Humiliation;

We Are Now Free And Independent.

Pass Brotherhood Messages to Your Neighbor,

Furthermore, May Unity, Love and Loyalty

Guide Us As A Country.

We should Proudly Shout Happy 15th August!

Happy Independence Day


As a Country,

We Shout That Despite

Of Our Might Being Forgotten,

It Still Live In Our Personal Being.

The Flag of Our Country Still

What’s more, Will Always Be Furled High

As We Live Happily And Enjoy Our Own Freedom.

The Message to the Entire Country

Is That Let Every Patriot Be Honored,

As We Avoid Politics Getting In The Way.

Happy 15th August!


We Are Bound By Love, Peace and Unity

Give Harmony A chance to be Our Stability

Whoever Is After Any Brutality

The Almighty God Will Defeat His Immorality

What’s more, Forever We Shall Live In Modesty.

Have a Happy Independence Day


“Independence Means Depending On Oneself.

The Brave Fights Can Never Be Forgotten – Happy Independence Day”


Our life is brimming with hues:

I trust this 15th August will

Add more hues to your life

Happy Independence Day…


Happy Independence Day!

To the individuals who have freedom to be

What’s more, express your identity,

Do it strongly and enthusiastically

and never take it for granted..!!


Saffron energy of quality and solidarity,

White energy to look after peace,

Green energy to clean psychological oppression,

Pleased to be Indian Happy Independence Day


Continuously Teach the Little Children,

Stories of Our Freedom’s Fights,

Tell Them That Many Were Broken,

To Give Them Sleep Without Frights…

Happy Independence Day


On the off chance that there is one place on the substance of earth where every one of the fantasies of living men have discovered a home from the most punctual days when man started the fantasy of presence, it is India.


In the event that cash is your desire for independence you will never have it. The main genuine security that a man will have in this world is a hold of learning, knowledge, and capacity.


When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God made this universe everything else appears to be so unnecessary.


In the advance of identity, first comes a presentation of independence, at that point an acknowledgment of association.


I was conceived with a furious requirement for independence – Jai Hind – Jai Bharat!

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