We would like to wish you and your family a Happy 71st Independence Day 2017. Our website is dedicated to provide you latest Independence Day 2017 Speech, Independence Day India 2017 SMS Messages and Independence Day 2017 Wallpapers. Like every year, India will celebrate her 71st Independence Day on 15 August 2017 again. India got independence from British Rule on 15th August 1947 and since then we Indians are celebrating the Independence Day as a national holiday. It is a great day for every Indian and each of us actively participate in the celebration of Independence Day. The entire nation comes together and celebrates it with great joy and patriotic spirit. Let’s take a look on how the Independence Day is celebrated in India.




Indian National Flag Happy Independence Day 2017 SMS

The celebration of Independence Day starts at Red Fort, New Delhi where the Prime Minister of India hoists the Indian National Flag. Right after that the Indian Army honors the Prime Minister with 21 air gunshots. Prime Minister also delivers an inspiring speech and this entire scene is broadcast-ed on television as well as national Radio channels. Apart from paying tributes to our freedom fighters, Prime Minister also mentions the achievements of the government during the past year along with issues that the country is still required to focus on. He also shares the upcoming future welfare plans with the Indian democratic public.

Once the speech is over, the National Anthem i.e. Jana Gana Mana is played and every Indian sings it while standing straight on his/her feet. After that the Indian Army and other military forces shows various interesting items describing the struggle of Indian Freedom Fighters, Indian achievements after the Independence and finally followed by the cultural traditions of different Indian states.

Apart from the Capital city New Delhi, every Indian state celebrates the Independence Day individually where the chief guest i.e. Chief Minister hoisting the Indian National Flag.

Even all schools as well as colleges all over the India individually celebrates the Independence Day with great joy and patriotic spirit. I see the day approaching, and hope it becomes a wonderful one for you and your family. Our team wishes you and your family a happy 71st Independence Day. Jai Hind!

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