Essay on Independence Day-Independence Day Essay

Essay on Independence Day

Independence Day Essay

Independence Day Essay

In Native india, Independence Day is noticed on the Fifteenth Aug every year, because on the said day of 1947, Native india won her freedom from the English concept after about 200 years.


It is a red-lettered day, on which the educational institutions and govern­ment and private workplaces stay shut. Early in the early morning, the learners play in refrain the nationwide anthem in complement of flute and drum walking together in processions in the roads. National banners are hoisted in the homes, educational institutions, institutions, and workplaces.


Teachers and management set up in a public place to give their faithful presentations to the people, appealing to preserve the sovereignty and reliability of our vast country. The excellent sac­rifice of excellent Native india management who devoted their useful lives for the cause-’of the nation’s freedom in the past, is reverently kept in mind.


It is a fantastic day for Native india. In Delhi Red Citadel Celebration Ground, an incredible number of Indians from different parts of the coun­try collect to pay attention to the yearly conversation of the Primary Reverend. Many dignitaries at home and also from overseas be present at the function.


The tri-colour banner is unfurled by the Primary Reverend with the nationwide anthem sang vocally or performed on musical show equipment. A admire of 31 weapons is shot, and from the sky, petals and leaves of red flowers are bathed from the military choppers in the city roads.


Large and colored processions consisting by the peo­ple from different Native indian States pass by the Red Citadel in a dis­ciplined manner. The wonderful goal of the military personnel’s and also that of the school kids who play and dancing as they goal forward, are special occasions. It is, no doubt, a wonderful vision of true nationwide soul.


Every Native indian must take an pledge on the Independence Day to stay faithful and faithful and to preserve his dearest motherland from any outside attack or embarrassment, even at the cost of his life. And we must also feel at heart that all the Indians are our friends and family, and accordingly, we must regard them.

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