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Top 100 Funny Birthday Wishes, Messages
May all your wishes come true as you blow out those candles my dearest girl crush, you make being single easier. Have a grand birthday my darling I like you a lot!
May all the good things in the world happen for you today as you turn a new and prestigious age, I love you beautiful girl; crush!
I would like to see you grow stronger, heartier and happier each day: be there for you till the end of time, but you don’t know I have a huge crush on you. Happy Birthday girl!

happy birthday sayongs
happy birthday sayongs
Have an unforgettable birthday full of cheer and happy surprises like this one. I have a huge crush on you girl and I’d like you to be mine for keeps, consider me!
May the stars shine bright for you, may all your wishes come true and may you always be glad. Happy Birthday my girl crush, you are awesome!
Words don’t seem enough to describe how much I like you and how much I’d love to be with you, for today enjoy your birthday my girl crush, until the right time dear!
Birthday SMS Messages
Everything about you makes life worth living; I love you and hope to always be here when you need someone. Enjoy your birthday my dear crush!
I have a crush on you and someday I hope it will be more. Have an amazing birthday my dear girl, you look beautiful today by the way.
There is never a right time but I will make one and tell you how I truly feel, for today my girl crush, enjoy your birthday without a single care in the world.

I hope you know how lucky you are, you are not only loved publicly, but secretly by me and someday I hope I can turn you from my girl crush to my girlfriend. Hearty birthday!
Enjoy the piece of cake, the great company and mostly my heart felt letter of love and appreciation. Have a grand birthday my girl crush.
You’ve always been the girl of my dreams and someday I hope I’ll wake up to find you next to me. Have a beautiful birthday my crush.
I may not have much, but if I ever have you my girl crush, I’ll have the most amazing girlfriend in the world. Happy Birthday beautiful!
No one can compare to you, and if it isn’t you, then I don’t want anybody else, have a beautiful birthday my girl crush.
I love you and you will never know it, that sucks but at least I can send you this beautiful birthday message and tell you one year older one year more beautiful my girl crush!

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