Good Morning Messages for Friends

Good Morning Messages for Friends
Feelng Wondrful 2day,
Hope u Had A Great Time Yestrday.
I Cannot Tell u y
But 2day Is Going 2 B Better Than Yestrday.
I Think u r Also Feeling d Same Way.
Good Day

good morning sms picture

good morning sms picture

Smiling is a sign of Gud Mood..
Laughing is sign of Happiness..
Praying is sign of Gud Faith..
& Having u as my friend is a sign of God’s Blessings
Hv Good Day
Full form of SMS
S -sweet,
M -morning,
S -starts with my sms
Good morning..Friend
Smile: value 2 our face
Luv: value 4 our heart
Respect: value 2 our behaviour
Study: value 2 our future
Frnd: value 2 our life
Have a gud day.
Tension is the poison of the no more tension,
have full attention on your ambition, U will be in Good position…
Good morning..Friend
With petals of Roses,
Palm full of Holly water,
Light of Full Sun,
Fragrance of Flower &
Grass with dew.
I wish u a very special GM
Gud Morning
See how beautifully Allah haz added coloring day in ur life
Welcome d day wid smile on ur face
One day Monday went toTuesday to see Wednesday and ask Thursday wheather Frday has told Saturday that SundaY is a FUN day….Good morning…friend
May your salty days be peppered with spicy love. May u bask in lemon sunshine, play on strawberry fields, under a vanilla sky.. in short have a Yummy day!
khushi ka har pal ho tumhare liye baharo ka gulista ho tumhare liye
kamyabi ki manzil ho tumhare liye
bas ek pal tumhara ho hamare liye.

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