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Good Morning Messages
Sending you millions of smiles. Take one each morning because I want to see you smiling always .
Have a blessed day.
Good Morning!
Smile increases value of face, Anger spoils beauty of
soul, Faith is force of life, Confidence is companion of
success, So keep smiling.
gOOd mOrning
A prayer can go where I cannot go. Through prayers I can be with you without being There. I may be miles away but my prayers will always be with you.
Good Morning!
Moon ne Band ki Lighting,
Sun ne shuru ki shining
Murge ne di hai warning
k ho gayi hai Morning,
to Hum bhi bol daib,
aap ko Good Morning!
Samandar k kinaray baitha kero,
Koi na koi lehar tou ayegi,
qismat na badli to kia howa,
kam say kam……
Shakal hi dhul jaye gi
(Good Morning)
G-Get up
O-Opn ur eyes
O-Out of ur bed
D-Day risen
M-Mobile beep
O-One msg receive
R-Read and enjoy
I-It’s only a
N-New way 2 wish u
G-Good morning.
Sun is happy….
Moon is angry….
Moon is missing u
Sun is wishing u.
A special
Good morning.

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