Good Morning Messages

Cute Good Morning SMS

Eyes r not meant for tears &
heart is not meant for fear,
Never get upset,
always cheer as U r the one
who can make me smile for years.
Rest ur head right on me,
feel my heart beat,
& u will see,
tat tis girl,
adores U passionately
Loves U crazily. »-(¯`·.·´¯)-» Gud Mrng
Get up from ur soft soft bed
Open ur teeny weeny eyes.
Wear that jolly wolly smile
& say to urself

good morning messages

good morning messages

a Gud morning from my side.
Hav a great day!
Cool Morning Breeze
Pearly Dew Drops,
Waving Green Leaves
Flowers Blossom,
All Bring Joy and Say,
To Start a
Happy New Day
Do U know the meaning of morning?
Morning means One More Inning given by
“GOD” To PLAY and WIN..
Hav a winning day.gud morning.
A short N Cute SMS for life:
Care should b in Heart & not in Words
Anger should b in Words & not in Heart
Good morning . . . .
Above the dark horizon soon
new light rays will appear.
They signify 2 all the world
a fresh new day is here.
Good Morning
No cute quotes 2 say No cute greetings cards 2 snd Jst a cute SMS 4 cute ppl like U Hope U wil Fit & Fine
life is shØrt, make it cute, SØget up enjØy ur shØrt life, GM!
. ‘ 12 ‘ .
9 __/ 3 ‘
‘ . 6 . ‘
Time will alwayz fly, but my FEELINGS 4 u will nvr die Gud Mrng
*~’`^`’~*- Girlfriend SMS, 4 Morning greetings *~’`^`’~*-

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