Good Morning Wishes

Wake up, wake up,
It’s morning time,
Stretch yourself,
Freshen up your mind.

It’s a new start,
Make the most,
Live it with smile,
And enjoy to the core.


Move On

Step out in the sun,
Dance along the breeze,
And swirl around with fun,
Forget your past dear,
Day of charm has come,
Start a new life from now,
A brand new day has begun.


Morning Poem

Life is a mystery,
Life is a secret,
Live it free,
Without any regret.
After every dark night,
There shines a sun,
So forget your worries,
And enjoy the fun.


Morning Song

Birds are chirping on the trees,
Fresh air is swirling around me.
Sun is shining brighter than before,
And rays of sun are giving me hope.
Things are looking different today,
Surely some luck is coming my way,
I want to dance in the dew around,
And tune up to the morning song.


I’m alive.

Early hours wake me up,
Songs of birds call me out,
Warm sunshine fills me up,
I feel a brand new life,
I’m alive.

Early breeze calls me away,
I run in the meadow,
With my wet feet,
I feel so revived,
I’m alive.

Early butterflies dance with me,
Chirping birds sing in glee,
I tap along the melody,
I feel my life,
I’m alive.

Early morning caresses me,
With dew on the ground,
And fresh air along,
I am in a lovely vibe,
I’m alive.

Early hours wake me up,
Song of alarm calls me out,
Bed tells me it was a dream,
I still feel it’s a brand new life,
I’m alive.


Cheerful Morning

Open your eyes,
See the beautiful sky,
Clouds saying hello,
And birds saying hi,
Look how pleasant it is,
Everything around here,
All yellow and bright,
Filling today with cheers.



Wake up honey,
Stretch your body,
It’s a lovely sunny day,
Worries have ran away,
So get ready to enjoy today,
With a smile on your face.


Morning Song

What a pleasant day,
Sun is bright,
Shining in the sky,
Birds are siting,
Top on the trees,
Everybody is singing,
With the cold breeze,
And clouds come along,
To sing the morning song.


An Early Song

Look at the sun rays,
Falling right on your bed,
Waking up to enjoy this day,
So get up and stand with us,
Join your hands to pray-
Today is a beautiful day.


Wake up

Open your eyes,
And look around,
Dark night has gone,
So wake up soon,
Begin it with a smile,
Good morning to you!


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