Happy 71st Independence Day 2017-Happy Independence Day 2017

Happy 71st Independence Day 2017 to every Indian. Our website is dedicated to provide you latest Independence Day 2017 Speech, Independence Day India 2017 SMS Messages and Independence Day 2017 Wallpapers. I’m sure many of you are unaware about the reason behind celebrating 15th August, 1947 as an Indian Independence Day. Maybe you’re thinking that 15th August would be just a random date but there’s a story behind that too. So let’s check out what’s the reason behind choosing 15th August as Independence Day and 1947 as the Independence Year. Now this question can be divided into two parts:

1. Why 1947?
2. Why 15th August?

Happy Independence Day 2017 India Speech


Why 1947?

Freedom Fighters played a major role in Indian Independence. Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violence movements had awakened the whole India. The whole British emperor was facing a tough challenge in every region of country. Apart from this, the strengthening of the Indian Army by Subhas Chandra Bose played a major role in bringing the Independence to India. Also by the time of World War 2 in 1945, the British were facing financial challenges too. So overall Britishers were all set to go back to England in 1948 but due to Jinnah & Jawaharlal Nehru conflicts which eventually led to the India-Pakistan partition, the condition got more worse in India which made Britishers to leave India almost one year earlier.

71st Independence Day images

71st Independence Day images

71st Independence Day pics

71st Independence Day pics

71st Independence Day

71st Independence Day

Why 15th August?

Now the next question, why 15th August? Well the credit goes to British. Yes, it was the Lord Mountbatten, who himself decided the date 15th August just because he considered 15th August as a lucky date for his career. What’s so special in 15th August? Actually the Japanese Army surrendered themselves in front of Lord Mountbatten on the same date i.e., on August 15 1945 which makes 15th August so special for Lord Mountbatten.

So, now that you have learned the reason behind choosing the 15th August as an Independence Day and 1947 as the Independence year, don’t forget to share it with your friends and we wish you and your family a Happy 71st Independence Day.

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