Happy Birthday Poem Wishes – Birthday Poems 2017

Happy Birthday Poem Wishes – Birthday Poems 2017

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I trust you had an exquisite day,

I am sad I overlooked your birthday,

If it’s not too much trouble trust me it occurred by shot,

I apologize; please give a flawless look,

Wish you an extremely happy tardy birthday,

Influence it more unique to even today!

(- – – – – )

What your birthday passed?

Why I overlooked?

I realize what is your idea,

Have an inclination that yelling at me,

I am sad. Happy overdue birthday to you,

I know you had an exquisite day as well!

(- – – – – )

Your birthday is today right,

Goodness, I know you need to battle,

Sorry ya I overlooked your day,

I trust you had a wonderful day,

Wishing you an overdue happy birthday,

Have a great time today and every day!

(- – – – – )

I know I am late in sending my welcome for you,

I know individuals like you are few,

Be that as it may, I am sad I was occupied that day,

I don’t have much to state,

Wishing you a tardy happy birthday,

Expectation you had an incredible day!

(- – – – – )

I am sad that I missed your birthday,

How might I overlook such a critical day?

I know you are harmed,

I was occupied so couldn’t turn away,

However, here is wishing you an extremely happy overdue birthday,

Expectation you had an awesome time that day!

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