Happy birthday poetry messages shayary

Today I have a proposal for you that on your birthday – you can scold me all you want. In return on my birthday, you can gift me all you want. Happy birthday mommy.
Love may make some people’s world go round but my world is spun around by my mum. Happy birthday.
On your birthday today it is time to chose, if you would like to put your feet up in a salon or go shopping to buy new shoes. Happy birthday mom.
If I were to go to space and was allowed just one personal belonging, it would be your picture only because you wouldn’t fit in my purse. Happy birthday mommy.
You’re a beautiful, loving, amazing, wonderful woman, and being a little older today can’t change that. I am wishing you a happy birthday.
M – 4 da MILLION things she gave me O – 4 she’s growing OLD T – 4 da TEARS she shed 2 save me H – 4 her HEART of purest gold E – 4 her EYES, with love-light shining R – 4 she is always RIGHT & always b. (Happy Birthday)
Mom, your birthday means a lot Especially to me; You’re smart and strong and all that’s good; It’s true, indubitably! That’s why I send this birthday wish, That all your dreams come true; May your life be filled with happiness, Because, Mom, I love you!
Even when I don’t see you, the thought of you makes me feel loved. Often, I catch myself doing something right and realize that it was you who taught me to do it. I owe so much to you, Mom! Happy birthday!
All my life, you’ve held my finger and showed me the way I am unable to express my love and gratitude in words I just want to say that I love you And I will be there for you just the way you were there for me Happy birthday, dear mom!

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