Happy Birthday SMS Messages For Brother

Stunned you’ve made it this far 😛 Happy birthday sibling
So happy to have a sibling like you. Happy birthday to somebody who challenges and moves me 🙂
It’s all declining from here 😛 Happy birthday, brother!

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1. 🙂 < That’s a smiley look for you for your birthday!

2. I know you’re extremely occupied and imperative however I simply needed to state HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

3. It’s an extraordinary day that lone comes once per year . . . your birthday! Have an awesome day!

4. You are keen, attractive, funny, and liberal. I’m fortunate to have you for a sibling.

5. No measure of emoticon can reveal to you the amount I adore you.


7. I trust all your (lawful) dreams materialize today. Happy birthday, brother!

8. You’ve just gotten more nice looking and more shrewd in the course of recent years. Before long you’ll even be dateable! JK! Happy birthday sibling

9. Happy Birthday! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you 🙂

10. 😉 I’m winking in light of the fact that despite the fact that you’re a year more seasoned, I know you will be a child until the end of time. Happy birthday!

11. Feliz Cumpleanos! (that implies happy birthday in Spanish.)

12. I know every other person will be messaging you today about your birthday so I thought I’d accomplish something somewhat unique and advise you that you owe me $10 AND say happy birthday.

13. HBB (happy birthday sibling!)

14. So a sibling strolled into a bar and the whole bar yelled, “Happy birthday!” Do you get it?

15. Happy Birthday, brother! Simply pause for a minute to understand that you are the best!

16. Without you, who might frustrate our folks? Happy birthday sibling!

17. With incredible age comes awesome duty. Gratefully, you’re as yet youthful despite the fact that you’re a year more seasoned. Happy birthday sibling!

18. :* That’s a kiss for my sibling on his birthday.

19. It’s my sibling’s birthday and I can do what I need! Which is wish him a happy birthday!

20. Today is the commemoration of your birth. Lord have mercy on all of us.

21. Simply needed to tell you that I’m paying special mind to you today and consistently younger sibling. Happy birthday!

22. Here’s something I don’t get the opportunity to state all the time: you rouse me. Happy birthday!

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