Happy Independence Day Wishes Quotes

Happy Independence Day Wishes Quotes

Happy Independence Day Message SMS Quotes:Independence day is one of the celebrations when each individual promises to regard and shield the nation from our foes. In India, it is commended each year on August 15, where the general population of all religion, societies get joined together and embrace guarantee to serve for the country. For Independence Day Message SMS Quotes, look down beneath.

Independence Day Message SMS

Independence Day Message SMS

Independence Day Message

Independence Day Message

Happy Independence Day Wishes 2017

Independence Day is pronounced as a national occasion and is praised with a sentiment awesome delight and bliss. Individuals from various culture have their own specific manner of memorialize it. They take an interest and perform in moving, show, singing, playing indoor recreations, outside games, social exercises, test rivalries, grants dissemination, and so forth amid festivity. As a matter of first importance the National banner is spread out by the central visitor or School Principal, National Anthem is sung with woodwind and drum and after that walk past and parade in the roads happens.

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Independence Day Message SMS Quote 2017

Aao desh ka samman kare

shahido ki shahadat yaad kare

ek baar fir se rashtra ki kamaan..

Murmur Hindustani apne haath dhare..

Aao.. Swantantra diwas kaa maan kare! !!

Na sar jhuka hai kabhi

aur na jhukayenge Kabhi,

jo apne dum pe jiyen sach me zindagi hai wahi.

Live like a genuine INDIAN.


Jhanda lehrana hai,


Vande Mataram ke geet gana hai!

Sunakr desh ko lalkarna hai,

Aao milkar abdominal muscle swapn dekha jo sakar karna hai!

–<@ Happy Independence Day @>– !!

Happy Independence Day!


lets salute and recollect the troopers

who yielded their lives to ensure our country..

They Join turns in Hands,

Overcome Pakistanis all!

By joining we stand

by separating we fall,

Jashne Azadi Mubarak.

Allah Bless our nation.

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