History Of Independence Day India

History Of Independence Day India

After World War II in the year of 1947,British started think that now it is the time when india’s freedom fighter was in revenge mood and really didn’t want to give up in any circumstances and another thing behind such thinking of British was international support came to an end So thats by Britain wanted to relive India.

Independence Day 2017

Independence Day 2017

In this way impending independence enhance the violence between Muslims and Hindus and this violence became that much high and large and it became so complex and difficult to stop and control it.In such a way India became Independence in the year of 1947 ,15 august.But this revolution and violence among different communities build separate states for muslims and Partitioning was done.

After few hours at midnight On 15 August 1947 India was sworn as an Independence nation with first Prime Minister as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and in Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah sworn as an First Governer General in Karachi.The Official ceremony celebrated in Delhi and in such a way new and great journey got begin o our nation.

How Independent Day is Celebrated In India ?

Happy Independence Day India

The 15 august,The Independent day of India is most proud and great day for all of the Indians and this remark as NATIONAL holiday in whole country and India’s Government celebrate ceremony by unfurling the india’s national flag (tri-coloured flag ) by Country Prime Minister.Independence Day India is the most proud occasion for almost all proud indian. Independence Day India represent dignity and pride of India and shows how India’s great and brave fighter fought against British for their country and for their freedom .

The venue for this whole celebration is Ried Fort in New Delhi that is the Capital city of the country.After doing this Prime minister give tribute to the freedom fighter,then Patriotic and joyful program celebrated by students of few schools and colleges from different states and this ceremony of unfurling tri coloured flag is hoisted by the all states of the country by the state Governer.Inspite of the above things Flag unfurling is hoisted in each and every school,colleges,government institute,organizations and universities.

Few Significant Of Independence Day India

Independence Day

Independence Day

Independence Day India is the 15 august that is the revival of India and this is the date from where new period of our country and nationals got begin.At the mid of night on 15 august 1947 British gave back our country to their nationals after a long struggle and fighting..In such a way this became a history and 15 august 1947 became historic date for ever and India’s First Prime Minister unfurled the Tri coloured flag on Red Fort Delhi.

Somethings About Country’s National Flag :

Independence Day India is nothing without its National Flag that is the Tri Coloured Flag whereon three colour increase its dignity and pride.These three horizontal colour are Saffron,second is White and Third is Green and apart from three colour in the center of the colours there are wheel that called as “CHAKRA” that appears on abacus of ASHOKA’S PILLAR. These three colour represent three different meaning:First SAFFRON or KESARI represents courage,sacrifice and second that is WHITE shows peace and truth and third that is GREEN represents Faith and Chivalry and last is the wheel or CHAKRA represent unceasing progress and motion .Again happy Independence Day India.I wish this year India will achieve high economy and will become great power among the world

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