Independence Day 2017 Speech

Independence Day 2017 Speech

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15 August 2017, It is now 71 years of Independence we have completed from the British Empire. This Day is celebrated throughout the country by hoisting the National Flag with the speech about the Independence Day.

independence day 2017

This time there are number of students or people who are searching for the speech which they have to prepare for Independence Day 2017. The people or students who are looking for the Independence Day 2017 Speech,we are sharing some of the points that can give you an idea for preparing your 71 Independence Day speech.

Independence Day 2017 Speech

Independence day To all of you. 15th August is a golden day which is written in the history of the world when British empire removes their rules from India. We got freedom on 15 august 1947 from Britishers who ruled in our country for many years. This is a day which worth celebration.

Independence Day 2017 speech

Independence Day 2017 speech

We celebrate our Independence day by hoisting the flag, distributing sweets but except all these we need to remember the past and should pay those freedom fighters by which we have got independence .Today if we are able able to breathe freely its only because of those leaders who fights fr our nation , who sacrifices their lives for the nation.

Good morning everyone. Congratulations on 71st Independence Day. Our forefathers saw a dream to create an independent, democratic and prosperous India. On 15th August 1947, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru took the first step towards the realization of that dream by hoisting our Tricolor. Then whole country started a journey towards progress which is now its completed 71st years.
Today is the day to celebrate our democracy, to remember every freedom fighter & martyr who sacrificed his life to give us this day. 71st years we proved ourselves in every task and achieved many things.
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My countrymen. Everybody is aware of us; we have 2nd largest army, 3rd largest internet users, 3rd largest number of doctors, engineers, scientists, charted accountants, we produces the largest food grain stock in Asia, fastest growing nuclear power & infrastructure. And there is much more to achieve. Today we have everything but still behind many countries. Today we are suffering from economical crises, inflation, corruption & poverty. We only hope that one day there will be a government who will think of us before itself.
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Everyday we wake up & say this not well that is not good. Compare our country with others. India is not going to change itself, we have to change it, before that, we have to change ourselves. Why there is over population, corruption, poverty, crimes still in our country? Our pledge says “India is my country & all Indians are my brothers & sisters” so why there are rapes & murders of our sisters & brothers? Nobody bothers that. All wanted is money. We say we are democratic. We speak 22 different languages but we never listen when somebody cries for help. Don’t you think this should be changed? Shall we wait for our government to do so or we ourselves change this. We are the youth, future, power of India, first we have to change our thinking. Let’s take an oath that from today we will change ourselves. Thank you.


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