Give our heart a chance to lounge in free soul;
Give our spirit a chance to take off high with the embodiment of flexibility.
Glad Independence Day!



Ordinary individuals: Independence Day

Online customers: Independence Sale Day!

How about we take choice to esteem our country,

Won’t overlook those penances, who gave us flexibility,

Presently its our swing to have a renewal.

Cheerful Independence Day!

The commitment of India’s Martyrs is so incredible;

These children of soil didn’t leave opportunity to destiny.

They yielded their profitable energetic lives;

With the goal that we may appreciate the seeds sown by these conquers.

How about we esteem and value their commitment terrific;

Or, then again there won’t be anybody left to secure our country.

Upbeat 15 August!

Aao Milkar Patang Udae, Ho Jayein Sab Mast;

Bhed Bhav Na Koi Rakhein, Aa Gayi 15 August.

Rang-Birangi Nili-Pilli, Patnge Hai Lehrati;

Kali-Kali Ghatyein Bhi, Abb Sab Isme Chhip Jaati.

Bunny Bhagve Rang Se Ranga Ambar Lage Pyaara;

Humein Garv Bharat Pe, Jo Desh Hai Hamara.

Choomo Matti ko Jisme Yamuna, Saraswati aur Ganga;

Jhoomein Nachein Abb Lehrata Rahe Hamesha Taranga.

Shubh Swatantar Divas!

Aao Dosto Tumhe Sunau Aapko Kahani Hindustaan Ki;

SC Bose aur Bhagat Singh Jaise Veero Ke Abhimaan Ki;

Jati Alag Dharam Alag Par Sabka Bass Ek Hi Nara Hai;

Bharat Mata Ki Raksha Karna Lakshaya Yahi Hamara Hai!

Upbeat 15 August!

Bhagat Singh

Shivaram Rajguru

Sukhdev Thapar

Chandra Shekhar Azad

Subhash Chandra Bose

Shaheed Udham Singh

Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha

What’s more, Thousands more…

Isn’t their give up reason enough to save and secure our opportunity by battling debasement, nepotism and wrongdoing against ladies and youngsters.

Glad Independence Day!

Flexibility is a perspective. What’s more, my brain says I am autonomous till the time my better half has gone to her folks’.

May there be such long ends of the week consistently!

Upbeat 15 August!

How about we worship the immense saints who make us appreciate the opportunity by giving up their lives.

Cheerful 15 August!

I: Indian

N: Nationals

D: Dedicated to

I: Immediate

An: Action

against medications, nepotism and debasement!

fifteenth August is the main day in the year when hitched men understand that they additionally need to affirm their rights and battle for their flexibility.

Cheerful Independence Day!

Our life is loaded with Colors … I trust this fifteenth August will add more hues to ur life Happy Independence Day

Conveyed with mind, covered proudly,

plunged in adoration, fly in radiance,

snapshots of flexibility in shade of euphoria.

Pleased 2 be an Indian!

Glad Independence!

I am infatuated,

I am enthusiastic about him,

I adoring each snapshot of it and

Y not its her 70th Birthday.

Apna bharat


Hold turns in Hands,Brave Indians! By joining we remain by isolating we fall.

Cheerful Independence Day !

The main jail we have to escape is the jail of our brains,

Open your brains and feel the freedom…Happy Independence Day!

Offer the soul of opportunity, joy and success on Independence Day…

How might we overlook the Tricolor Flag of our Loving India which winds up Very High! We should salute and respect this.

Upbeat Independence Day!

On Independence Day, Here’s wising our fantasies of another tomorrow work out as expected for us…NOW AND ALWAYS!

Halki si dhoop barsat k baad,

thori si khushi her baat k baad,

Isi tarah mubarak ho aap ko,

Jashan-e-azadi 1 clamor k baad… .

Wish u an exceptionally Happy Independence Day

Zamane bhar me milte hai aashiq kai,

Magar watan se khubsurat koi sanam nahi hota,

Sone ke kafan me lipat female horse shashak kai,

Magar Tirange se khubsurat koi kafan nahi hota.

Salute to our Martyars who laid their lives for us..

This Nation will remain the Land Of The Free Only, insofar as it is the home of the Braves! Glad Independence Day!

The yearly custom of your cleaning up terminates on fifteenth August. May you offer Independence to every one of the microscopic organisms, parasites and earth that you have on your body.

Glad Independence day!

Give us a chance to supplicate and battle to make each ensuing 15 August an upbeat Independence day!

Autonomy day is a decent time to analyze our identity and how we arrived. It’s an ideal opportunity to recall the feedom battle and the penances of the flexibility warriors and the saints.

Upbeat 15 August!

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