Independence Day Messages 2017 – Happy 15 August SMS

Independence Day Messages 2017 – Happy 15 August SMS

Individuals welcome each other with warm wishes and messages. Sending messages to companions, relatives, and colleague on Independence Day has turned out to be exceptionally well known with increment of advanced mobile phone clients in India. This segment includes an awesome accumulation of Happy Independence Day sms and messages.

Happy 15 August Wallpapers

Happy 15 August SMS

Autonomy Day Advice:

Everyone is transferring the photograph of a “Tricolor” on Whatsapp as the Profile picture.

Be watchful while posting Photos and Videos on Whatsapp as everybody appears to be identical!

Cheerful Independence Day!

What’s the comparability between India’s Freedom Fighters and Husbands?

Precisely two days of Fame and Praises.

26 January/15 August

Wedding Anniversary/Karwa Chauth

Upbeat Independence Day!

The right to speak freely;

Freedom to develop;

Uniformity of everyone;

Freedom of psyche and thought;

What’s more, resistance towards others.

How about we thanks all the immense souls who made this India feasible for us.

Upbeat Independence Day!

What’s the thing that measures 2 Kg when dry; measures 1 Kg when wet; and measures 3 Kg if it’s singed?

On this 15 August, may you appreciate the flexibility the one cherished in our constitution; as well as may you be honored with the opportunity of psyche, thought and soul!

Upbeat Independence Day!

1: One nation

5: Major religions

An: Adorable

U: Union of

G: Gigantic,

U: Upbeat,

S: Spectacular and

T: Thoughtful Countrymen – who salute the opportunity warriors for their penances to free our nation!

Cheerful Independence Day!

I am! It is safe to say that you are?

Cheerful 15 August!

Opportunity in our brain;

Confidence in the words;

Pride in our souls;

Salute to India on this Independence Day!

Vande Mataram!

Cheerful 15 August!

We can keep India autonomous and dynamic by being mindful subjects. The slightest we can do is to vote amid each race for the correct applicant regardless of his standing, shading and statement of faith!

Glad Independence Day!

The Nation is as immaculate or flawed as its kin. How about we make India extraordinary by doing our obligations and battling for our rights.

Cheerful 15 August!

Work like a Gujarati;

Eat like a Rajasthani;

Sing like a Bengali;

Move like a Punjabi;

Grin like a Kashmiri;

Live like a Goan;

Also, dependably esteem being an Indian!

Cheerful 15 August!

Opportunity in Mind;

Confidence in Words;

Pride in our Heart;

Recollections in our Souls.

We should salute the Nation on Independence Day!

Autonomy Day Classroom:

National Symbols of India

Banner: Tricolor

Image: Sarnath Lion Capital

Song of devotion: Jana Gana Mana

Melody: Vande Mataram

Schedule: Saka

Diversion: Hockey

Blossom: Lotus

Natural product: Mango

Tree: Banyan

Winged animal: Indian Peafowl

Land Animal: Royal Bengal Tiger

Oceanic Animal: River Dolphin

Stream: Ganga (Ganges)

Upbeat Independence day!

Discontent is the initial phase in the advance of a man or a country.

Oscar Wilde

In the event that you need India to advance, set higher focuses for yourself and your nation.

Upbeat 15 August!

Others may have overlooked;

Be that as it may, never can I;

May the tri-shade of my nation;

Rolls high!

Cheerful Independence day!


I: Incredible

N: Novel

D: Dazzling

I: Immense

An: Adorable

Cheerful Independence Day!

Opportunity must be appreciated when our psyche is free. What’s more, our brain must be free in the event that we love the opportunity.

Glad Independence day!

How about we take a choice to esteem our opportunity; And basically not underestimate it.

On the off chance that our ancestors yielded their present for our future, we likewise should give up a tad and purify our contaminated decaying framework and condition. We should make a guarantee to help individuals like Anna! Glad Independence Day!

Joined we stand, Divided we fall!

How about we reestablish our promise to unitedly shield our nation from outside trespassers. Upbeat Independence day!

How about we esteem our Freedom by not overlooking the penances of the saints. It’s the ideal opportunity for us to join together and battle defilement and getting changes by beginning a transformation!

28 States

7 Union Territories

1652 Total Languages

6 Major Religions

100s of Festivals

and 1 Country!

Pleased to be an Indian!

Glad Independence Day!

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