Independence Day Short Shayari 2017

Independence Day Short Shayari 2017

In case you’re an understudy and searching for the Independence Day Speech for your securing in 15 August reason than this connection fifteenth August Independence Day Speech can empower you to get the perfect address. In this association, you can survey Independence day discourse in Hindi and English dialects.

Together with the Hindi dreams, we have somewhere in the range of 15 August SMS Shayari Jokes set for gathering and Facebook. Look at these Desh Bhakti SMS Shayaris and these Funny jokes and do chat with others and spread satisfaction.

2017 Freedom Day Images

15 August Freedom Day Short Shayari

Bharat Mata Teri Gatha,

Sabse Unchi Teri Shaan,

Tere Age Sheesh Jhukaye,

De Tujhko Hum Sab Sammaan

Cheerful Independence Day.


Jhanda Lehrana Hai,

Vande Mataram Ke Geet Gana Hai!

Sunakr Desh Ko Lalkarna Hai,

Aao Milkar Ab Swapn Dekha Jo Sakar Karna Hai

Cheerful Independence Day


Work Like A Gujarati

Eat Like A Rajasthani

Sing Like A Bengali

Move Like A Punjabi

Grin Like A Kashmiri

Live Like A Goa

What’s more, Always Cherish Being An Indian


Desh Bharat Missal Mohabbat Ki Hai

Watan Hamara Todta Deewar Nafrat Ki Hai

Hoon Khushnaseeb Main Ke Janma Is Dharti Par

Desh Mere Mein Behisaab Khushboo Mohabbat Ki Hai


This is the Day

That Our Nation Sings

This is the Day

That the Liberty Bell Starts To Ring

This is the Day

To Celebrate Our Independence

Upbeat Independence Day.

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