Independence Day [Top] 10 Messages 2017 – 15 August Best SMS

Independence Day [Top] 10 Messages 2017 – 15 August Best SMS

Hello Hope you are fine, Today we are sharing some total badass Pakistan messages/SMS with you. You should share them with your Loved ones.

Pak-Independence Day Images

Pak-Independence Day Messages 2017


S: Sets u free,

M: Makes u unique,

I: Increases ur confront esteem,

L: Lifts up ur spirits,

E: Erases all ur pressures,

Along these lines,

it would be ideal if you continue favoring Independence Day

***happy autonomy day***

14 August Sms


Aaj se 62saal pehle.

Eik Qoom ko eik mulk ki talash thi.

Allah k karam se.

Aj jub hamare pas Mulk ha to hamain eik qoom ki talash ha.

Consider that


UnKe HathOoN Me KangaN Thay BuhAt ZaBardAst. .

BolAy To. .

Propel ME

TuM SaB Ko MuBaRaK Ho

“14 Augu$T”


Autonomy DAY


This is the day,

That Our country sings

This is the day

That the freedom chime begins to ring

This is the day

We as a whole begin

What We remain for

what’s more, to commend our Independence

We stand up high, as We

All begin to cry

As we consider,

All that kicked the bucket

For you, for me, for our entire nation

Gambling there life

Eaxh and ordinary here is a salute

To all that lay …

Glad Independence Day


31 states.

7 unionterritories.

1618 dialects.

6400 positions.

6 religion.

6 ethnic gatherings.

29 noteworthy celebrations.

1 country!Be pleased to be an Indian!HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.


For Friendship day, Lover’s day, that day, this day. propel wishes.

Begins a month prior to nowadays. byout INDEPENDENCE DAY is only couple of days ahead.

what’s more, not even a solitary wish for that has come till now. Go ahead individuals lets.

Keep in mind the relinquish of our flexibility contenders atleast for one day and.

Gives everlastingly a chance to be glad to be an INDIAN !!! Give us a chance to commend our.

Autonomy and Independence days. So let me be the first to wish you.


Jahaan dal standard sone ki.

Chidiya karti hai basera.

Woh PAKISTAN Desh hai mera.

Woh PAKISTAN desh hai mera.

Ae vatan ae vatan humko teri kasam.

Teri rahon pe jaan murmur luta jaayenge.

Phool kya cheez ha tere kadmon pe murmur.

Bhent apne saron ki chadha jaayenge.

“Glad Independence Day”


Dunia mama tum jaha be raho

Ye kehne se tum na daro

Mera watan meri jan

I Love My Pakistan

“Glad Independence Day”


Bas aik tamanna hai

bas aik howdy hasrat hai

is dunya k naqshe standard

har simat likha dekhon

< aik lafz chamakta sa

khushbou sa mehkta sa

Wo lafz ha “Pakistan”

“Glad Independence Day”


They Join submits Hands

Overcome Pakistanis all

By joining we stand

by separating we fall

Jashne Azadi Mubarak

Allah Bless our nation.


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