Narendra Modi Speech on Independence Day 2017-15 August speech

15 August speech

Narendra Modi Speech on Independence Day 2017 : Hello all, So if you are here to search for Speech of Narendra Modi on 15th August 2017 or Modi’s Speech/ Debate on Independence Day 2017 from Red Fort, New Delhi then you are on the right webpage as here we are going to provide you an compete article on independence Day India 2017.
Narendra Modi Speech on Independence Day 2017

Modi’s Speech on Independence Day at Red Fort

Ever since he took up the mantle as PM of India, he’s been a figure of ingenuity. On the Independence Day, the world watched in awe as the PM delivered a one and a half our speech from the historic Red Fort covering a vast variety of topics concerning both the internal and international image of India. Starting with his respects to the martyrs and labelling himself as the “Pradhan Sewak”, he briefly summed up the Indian history and heritage.

Echoing on his notion of “Sabka saath sabka Vikaas”, he congratulated the opposition for their meaningful criticism and sought their help in the country’s bright future. He expressed his surprise in the fact that the Government was always divided into factions with clashing domains resulting in conflicts. He pointed out the seriousness of such conflicts and the extent to which they hamper the nation’s growth. He expressed his resolve in taking India forward to a unified and holistic goal. He applauded the power and importance of every entity of the government and pledged to work towards a developed India.

One of the important qualities of Mr Modi has been his ability to address the right issue with precise
words. He iterated the fact that the society is made up of every Indian citizen and that we have collective responsibility towards it. We can no longer cower behind the façade stating “This is not my job” or “the Government is not doing anything”. Change starts from the simplest levels and has to come from the society. He urged the citizens to rise from petty boundaries of selfishness to the altar of collective good. He asked all to drop all boundaries of caste, creed, religion, communalism and work towards a better India.

Modi’s Speech on Independence Day

Speaking over the importance of family ties and the powers of the youngsters, he implied the importance of strict and corrective parentage to channelize the youth in the correct path. He exemplified his statement stating the situation of Nepal, where youngsters have given up the life of active violence and works towards the development of the country. He urged our youth to do the same. On the same lines he also dealt the issue of gender disparity and requested doctors, fathers, mothers and all to shun female foeticide.

He cited the Commonwealth Games stats to point out the participation of women in the society. He stressed on the fact that women be granted equal status in the society and without meaningful participation of the opposite sex, there can be no real development.

Moving on the more concrete issues, he promised several big projects, programs such as the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna and Skill Development schemes. He stresses on the impact of skill development and entrepreneurship. Admittedly, well aware of the fact that his voice makes news all over the world, he invited all global economic players to enter Indian manufacturing and service base. The “Make in India” which has pretty much become a slogan for all domestic and foreign investments, was also launched. He expressed his dream of transforming India from an importer to a net exporter of goods. He called upon the young entrepreneurs to make globally acceptable and sustainable products.
He also envisaged upon the remarkable growth of the IT industry and proposed the “Digital India” project, an umbrella scheme for a variety of activities such as a fiber-optic network across villages, Digital Locker scheme, Mobile governance and the rest.

This is the era of the youth and technology. Both were given proportionate weightage in his speech. He talked about the scope of E-governance and its implications. Carefully linking the state of cleanliness of our country to its effect on tourism and corresponding effects on the lives of the people, he propose the “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” which was launched on 2nd October. Building on his earlier talk about the power of the masses, he felt optimistic that if every one of the 125 crore Indian kept his and her surroundings clean, the country will set new standards of living. He called upon his fellow Indians to fulfill this dream. He urged the Parliamentarians to ensure basic amenities for girl students in their respective constituencies. He also asked them to select atleast one village in their constituency and turn it into a model village by the occasion of the JP Narayan’s birth anniversary.

Modi said that he would replace the Planning Commission that for decades guided the country’s economy with a more modern institution. “The times have changed since the Planning Commission was created. In a short span of time we will initiative a new institution that will work in place of the Planning Commission,” Modi said. “We need creative thinking on the Planning Commission’s role”. Soon after Modi’s speech it was announced that the Planning Commission would be replaced by National Development Reforms Commission.
Lastly, he concluded by reminding all about the difficult freedom struggle. He emphasized that if we could win then, with a handful of leaders but a large group of dedicated followers, against a mighty empire, this internal war against poverty, unemployment, cleanliness and other social evils, will be child’s play with the help of the mass and an active government. He applauded the efforts of the military and para-military forces in keeping the country safe and enjoyable.

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