Sweet Good Morning Images

Sweet Good Morning Sms
We have a Strange and Unique Friendship.
Smile my friend.
its a Beautiful Morning
Best Relations r like beautiful street lamps..
They may not make the distance shorter bt they light ur path & make the journe easier.
Good Morning
Some flowers

morning images

morning images

Grow best in the Sun,
Others do well in the Shade!
God always knows
What is best 4u
Puts u where we grow best.
Good Morning & Have a nice day
‘Swt TIME,
totally swt,swt, sweet
Good Morning.
Na Mandir Na Bhagwan..
Na Puja Na Isnaan..
Din Hote He Hmara Sabse Pehla Kaam..
Ek Pyara Sa SmS Apne Dost Ke Naam..
good morning
WAQT”Kehta H Muje”GAWANA” Mat.
“DIL”Kehta H Muje”LAGANA” Mat.
“PYAR”Kehta H Muje “AZMANA”Mat.
“HUM”Kehte H bus Hme “BHULANA Mat.Gd Mning.
Sweet Good Morning Sms
Sometimes I wish there was no alarm clock because that is the only device which wakes me up when I am dreaming about you.
* * * * *

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