Top Independence Day Facebook Statuses 2017

Top Independence Day Facebook Statuses 2017

independence day facebook posts 14 August is a critical day for Pakistani individuals. It is a day of autonomy. Individuals commend this day with brimming with soul and love. Independence Day Status 2017

14 August Status

Top Independence Day Facebook Status On this day everywhere throughout the Pakistan individuals commend occasion and demonstrate their affection and truthfulness for their country. Pakistan independence day status updates

status related to independence day Individuals wish to every others with 14 August sms and 14 August messages. Few individuals want to 14 August welcome cards and backdrops. So, we Bring Best Facebook Statuses 2017. happy independence day status

Independence Day Facebook Statuses

Top Independence Day 2017 Status

This Nation Will Remain The Land Of The Free Only So Long As It Is The Home Of The Braves and Soldiers.. Upbeat Independence Day


14 August Status Lets have a dedication and guarantee that we won’t rehash our previous 70 years national mistakes”lets spread the message of solidarity, care andhospitality,so that optimisim rather than pessimism about my territory. LIVE to no end DIE for SOMETHING! Let’s assume it noisy and glad, PAKISTAN zindabad. I am Proud to be a PAKISTANI. Glad 14 August


Before 1947 August 14, world never know the importance of opportunity, its Pakistan who educated the world the genuine significance of flexibility, Be glad to be Pakistani, Happy Independence Day


Lets Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a Human rights Culture in which Respect, nobility and fairness Become a code for living. This will be our part to Live up to the fantasies. Upbeat Independence Day

happy independence day status

Top Independence Day Facebook Status

How about we worship the colossal saints who make us appreciate the flexibility by giving up their lives. Upbeat 14 August!


Dunia mama tum jaha be raho Ye kehne se tum na daro Mera watan meri jan I Love My Pakistan “Cheerful Independence Day”


We are a country, Built on agreement, improvement, Prosperity and peace, Achieving point of reference for a superior future, Happy autonomy day.

14 August Status

Top Independence Day Facebook Statuses 2017

Murmur ney tou mit jana hai Ay Arzy Watan Lekin Tum ko salamat rehna hai Qayamat ki Sehar hony tak. 14 August Mubarak ho.


The Love Of My Nation Is Worthiness, The Love Of My People Is Endless, All What I Need For My Country Is Happiness, Let Me Be The First One To Wish You A Happy Independence Day�


Aazaadi Ki Kabhi Shaam Aazaadi Ki Kabhi Shaam Nahi Hone Denge, Saheedon Ki Kurbani Badnaam Nahi Hone Denge, Bachi Ho Jo 1 Bond Bhi Garam Lahu Ki?. Tab Tak PAKISTAN Ka Aanchal Nilaam Nahi Hone Denge. Cheerful Independence Day


The individuals who deny opportunity to others

merit it not for themselves.

Glad Independence Day


My meaning of a free society

is a general public where it is sheltered to be disliked.


The inclination to spare humankind is nearly

continuously a false face for the inclination to administer it.

Cheerful Independence Day

Top Independence Day Facebook Statuses 2017

happy independence day status

31 states.

7 unionterritories.

1618 dialects.

6400 standings.

6 religion.

6 ethnic gatherings.

29 noteworthy celebrations.

1 country!Be glad to be an Indian!HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.


Ye Nafrat Buri Hai, Na Paalo Isay

Dilo Main Khalish Hai ,Nikalo Isay

Na Tera ,Na Mera ,Na Iska , Na Uska

Ye Sab Ka Watan Hai,Bacha Lo Isay


I�ve got a rocket

In my pocket;

I can’t stop 2 play.

Away it goes!

I�ve consumed my toes.

It�s Independence Day


=�..__..- =-._.

!=�..__..- =-._;

!=- – ..(*..- =-._;

!=�..__..- =-._;



I ,

“Na Bijlii, Na Paani”

“Phir B Dil Hai Pakistani!”


Neglected To Verify Referrer

Thousands set out their lives so

that our nation is breathing thiz day

Always remember their relinquish…

Cheerful Independence Day

Independence Day Status 2017

14 August pakistan day

I M in affection,

I am energetic about him,

I cherishing each snapshot of it


why not itZ her 63rd Birth Day.

Its apna Pakistan.



They Join hands N Hands,

Overcome Pakistanis all!

By joining we stand

by partitioning we fall,

Jashne Azadi Mubarak.

Allah BLess our nation.


70 Years Ago…

A Nation Was Searching For A Piece Of Land. . .


A Piece Of Land Searching For A Nation. . .

Can Any One Help..??

((*-._ Happy Independence Day _.- *))


Azad Pakistan Ke Nalayak Jawano

Agar Aaj Valentines Day Ya Frndshp

Day Hota To Inbox Full Hota.. Chalo

Jaldi Se Utho Aur Sabko Wish


“Upbeat Independence Day”

status related to independence day

independence status

14 August aa raha hy

Principle Quaid-e-Azam k photograph jama kr raha hun


Ghar me jitny b


K note hen mujy bej den,purane b chal jaien ge


31 States,

1618 Languages,

6400 Castes,

6 Religion,

6 Ethnic Groups,

29 Major celebrations

and 1 Country!

Be Proud 2 be an Indian!..

Upbeat Independence Day


Upbeat fourteenth August Independence Day of Pakistan

Today we meet up,

Be the reason for the solidarity,

Make it Beautiful day another..

Battle against debasement,

Spurl the banner of On NATION


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